Atmospheric corrosion of bronze: Beauty of Art, Science and Cultural Heritage care, 11st November 2020

Atmospheric corrosion of bronze: Beauty of Art, Science and Cultural Heritage care, 11st November 2020

Institute for the protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia and Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute organize international symposium “Atmospheric corrosion of bronze: beauty of art, science and cultural heritage care”. Numerous international experts will share their research and knowledge and the first results of the project “Protection of bronze monuments in a changing environment” (ARRS J7 9404), funded by the Slovenian Research Agency, will be presented.

Emilio Cano, member of COPAC-CENIM research group, will be participate as speaker with the conference «In-situ electrochemical testing of bronze sculptures»

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Cities, Climate and Culture: The Urban Research Agenda in the Upcoming IPCC Co-Sponsored Expert Meeting on Culture, Heritage and Climate Change, 13rd Oct 14:00 – 15:30 UTC+2

In the summer of 2020, the IPCC Executive Committee endorsed a proposal for a co-sponsored International Expert Meeting on Culture, Heritage and Climate Change to be organized by UNESCO and ICOMOS, with IUCN and ICLEI among the key partners to be held in 2021.

One of the specific aims of the Meeting is to take stock of methods and gaps in translating knowledge from and about culture and heritage for climate science and policy, with the goal of stimulating new approaches and literature that will support the AR7 and the forthcoming special report Cities and Climate Change.

The Scientific Steering Committee for this Meeting is being convened in September. This event will be the first opportunity to present in detail the scientific questions and timeline for this meeting with an emphasis on the intersection between these and the IPCC Cities Research Agenda.

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4th European Conference on Biodeterioration of Stone Monuments, 5-6th November (on-line)

The organizing committee is happy to announce that the ECBSM2020 will take place in November 5-6, 2020.

Considering the health crisis, the 2020’s edition of the ECBSM will take place virtually on the internet. Since conferences are an indispensable opportunity for
knowledge and results exchange and discussion, we are moving forward with our research by adapting to this new lifestyle.
Thus, we invite you to participate in this exciting 2020
e-ECBSM conference .
Additional detail will be coming soon (calendar, abstract
submission schedule, possibility of manuscript publication)

Registrations and Abstracts Submissions deadlines were extended 


Conference «Critical heritage studies and the future of Europe», 15-16th October 2020 (on-line)

The international conference “Critical heritage studies and the future of Europe” will mark the CHEurope project’s conclusion and allow the presentation to the wider scientific community of the results obtained during more than 4 years of collaborative research.

The 15 Early Stage Researchers funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network, the members of the academic staffs having supervised the training and research activities, as well as various highly renowned international keynote speakers will offer a renewed vision of the place that cultural heritage occupies in our societies and the role it can play in its future developments. A perspective whose topicality has suddenly and dramatically been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic. From migrations to climate change, from the heritagization of the urban to digitality as a vector of communication and transmission of cultural heritage, and from the use of heritage as a therapy for improving psychological resilience and well-being to the interconnections between heritage, citizenship, policy, participation, politics and economy, the conference’s program explores the multiple ontologies through which cultural heritage redraws the future of Europe and the world.

The conference will take place during 2 days, on the 15th and 16th October 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent funding and travel restrictions, it has been decided to hold the conference as a fully online Zoom webinar, freely accessible within the limits of available accounts.

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Provisional conference program