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Cities, Climate and Culture: The Urban Research Agenda in the Upcoming IPCC Co-Sponsored Expert Meeting on Culture, Heritage and Climate Change, 13rd Oct 14:00 – 15:30 UTC+2

In the summer of 2020, the IPCC Executive Committee endorsed a proposal for a co-sponsored International Expert Meeting on Culture, Heritage and Climate Change to be organized by UNESCO and ICOMOS, with IUCN and ICLEI among the key partners to be held in 2021.

One of the specific aims of the Meeting is to take stock of methods and gaps in translating knowledge from and about culture and heritage for climate science and policy, with the goal of stimulating new approaches and literature that will support the AR7 and the forthcoming special report Cities and Climate Change.

The Scientific Steering Committee for this Meeting is being convened in September. This event will be the first opportunity to present in detail the scientific questions and timeline for this meeting with an emphasis on the intersection between these and the IPCC Cities Research Agenda.

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Semanario UNESCO CULTURA & COVID-19: Impacto y Respuesta

Para afrontar las profundas consecuencias que la pandemia de COVID-19 provocará en el sector de la cultura, la UNESCO ha puesto en marcha el semanario «Cultura y COVID-19: Seguimiento y respuesta del impacto» para ofrecer una visión general de la rápida evolución de la situación.

En él se examinan tanto las repercusiones inmediatas de la crisis sanitaria como ejemplos de la forma en que los países de todo el mundo se están adaptando a la situación. Se trata de una de las diversas iniciativas de la Organización para responder a las repercusiones de la pandemia en el sector cultural de todo el mundo.

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