Webinar: What is IPERION HS

Webinar: What is IPERION HS

The webinar takes place online and will introduce participants to the field of Heritage Science facilities in IPERION HS, a European project devoted to building a distributed research infrastructure in the field of Heritage Science: E-RIHS (http://www.e-rihs.eu/).
The focus will be placed on what IPERION HS is and what can do for researchers, conservators and professionals working in the field of Heritage Science.

You can register here: http://www.iperionhs.eu/webinar-registration/ 

21st April 2021 at 10 am (CET)

You will learn

  • What Heritage Science is
  • What IPERION HS is
  • What IPERION HS offers
  • How to access IPERION HS services

Key topics we’ll cover
Heritage Science

1 hour (40 minutes + 20 minutes Q&A)


Matija Strlič – Professor of Heritage Science
Matija Strlič is Professor of Analytical Chemistry at University of Ljubljana and Professor of Heritage Science at University College London. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and of the International Institute for Conservation. His role in the IPERION HS Academy is to enable the development of a vibrant user community.

Jana Striová – Heritage Scientist
Jana Striová is Heritage Scientist at Italian National Research Council, with academic background in Analytical Chemistry and Material Science, as well as in Science for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Management of Research Infrastructures. She coordinates the team developing an integrated and user-oriented approach to access the IPERION HS facilities and the training events for the Heritage Science community.


Online seminar: Building a Skilled and Diverse Heritage Science Community, 8th July 2020 04:00 PM (GMT+1)

The Icon Book & Paper Group Committee  are pleased to be able to bring you a series of live streamed talks while many people are required to stay at home during in these unprecedented times.

The next talk will be an NHSF Panel giving their talk Building a Skilled an Diverse Heritage Science Community.

One of three key themes in the Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK is the development of a skilled and diverse heritage science community. Over the past year, members of the NHSF working group assembled under this theme have been scoping partners, methods, and opportunities to begin addressing this critical priority. At this joint NHSF/ICON HS meeting, we invite two speakers to discuss opening up heritage science to the public through citizen science and strategies to diversify our community. We also invite attendees to contribute ideas and comments on this theme at our timely discussion

About the speaker
The National Heritage Science Forum (NHSF) brings together the producers and users of heritage science to improve collaboration, help practitioners make better use of research, and demonstrate the public benefit of heritage science. The Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK was developed by the Forum in consultation with the heritage science community. It was released in 2018 and covers three themes: establishing excellent research, a skilled and diverse heritage science community, and demonstrable social and economic impact. Through these three themes the vision ‘that the UK’s extraordinarily rich and varied tangible and intangible heritage will be enhanced by better use of science and technology for the benefit of society’ will be delivered.

Date: 8th July 2020 04:00 PM (GMT+1)

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