11F – IPERION HS, E-RIHS & PTI-PAIS in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

11F – IPERION HS, E-RIHS & PTI-PAIS in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

IPERION HS & E-RIHS celebrated this International Day of Women and Girls in Science with a video celebrating and proudly preseting the women in the consortium, that represent the 45% of the researchers.



  • In PTI-PAIS the 56.9% of the researchers are women. These numbers are clearly a deviation from the normal. We have to celebrate but we have to encourage to endure this in any scientific field and claim the opportunity for inspiring the many girls outhere that don’t imagine themselves as scientist.


  • Worldwide: «Women are typically given smaller research grants than their male colleagues and, while they represent 33.3% of all researchers, only 12% of members of national science academies are women.»  Ursula von der Leyen says this must change and we agree with her.



  • Also the Deputy Vice-Presidency for Scientific and Technical Areas of CSIC honoured the 50% of women coordinators of Interdisciplinary Thematic Platforms, in what our Platform is included and asked Marta Castillejo to make a statement to inspire girls that want to join the STEM field.

«My advice to a future female scientist: think big, anticipate, don’t be overcome by difficulties and enjoy the privilege of creativity, intellectual freedom and interaction with collaborators and colleagues.»


  • We want to highlight the joint participation on divulgative activities of 5 institutes (IEM, IQFR, IO,  IFF and Cajal Institute) from CSIC for this day. The activities took place in their institutes but also in the schools and formative centers where the mental image of women science is still forming and where  the decision to devote your life to science takes place.

Sagrario Martínez Ramírez hold some of these talks in IES Joaquín Turrina and IES Palomeras-Vallecas, two secondary education institutes. The lectures were on great women scientists in history: Sagrario Ramírez Gallardo (spanish scientist that invented and patented solid fuel) and women scientists today.



  • On a side note I want to promote this webpage from the University of the Basque Country that promotes scientific activities carried out by women. https://mujeresconciencia.com/