ICOMOS Webinar Series: Response to Disaster in the Time of COVID, 21 & 22 October 2pm – 4pm CET

ICOMOS Webinar Series: Response to Disaster in the Time of COVID, 21 & 22 October 2pm – 4pm CET

Disasters can be categorized by the origin of the forces (wind, fire, earthquake and/or flood) whether they are Natural or Manmade (war, terrorism, upheaval, global climate change); or their impact (physical versus economic and/or
societal such as the present COVID pandemic). The International Scientific Council on the Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage (ISCARSAH) discusses this important issue.

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Webinar «The Emerging New Paradigm in Conservation Education and the Power of Place: is there replacement for site experience?», 11st September 14:00 (London time)

ICOMOS CIF-ICOMOS Turkey organizes the webinar «The Emerging New Paradigm in Conservation and Education and the Power of Place: is there replacement for site experience?»

Possibilities for a future education system in conservation, collaboration of institutes at international level and new expansions for cultural heritage perception. Managing remote working practice is a challenge facing us all and even without the COVID-19 crisis, we need to look at the benefits and options of digital learning. As we know, being in a historic building or at a significant site is a fundamentally different experience from seeing pictures on a screen, what can we do about it?
Moderator: Nurdan Kuban, Kocaeli University (ICOMOS-Turkey/ICOMOS-CIF)

Paul McMahon, ICOMOS-Ireland and COTAC Trustee (ICOMOS-CIF/IRELAND)
Maurice Murphy , CIPA (maurice.murphy@tudublin.ie )
Grainne Shaffrey, President ICOMOS Ireland (gshaffrey@shaffrey.ie )
Amnon Bar Or, architect expert in the preservation and restoration of historic buildings and heritage sites (ICOMOS-CIF/ISRAEL)

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Seminarios Web del GTPE (EPWG) «Patrimonio y Cambio Climático: Llamado para una movilización climática», 18 julio, 14.00 (hora París)

El Grupo de Trabajo Internacional de Profesionales Emergentes de ICOMOS (EPWG) se complace en presentar una serie doble de seminarios web sobre el tema “Patrimonio y Cambio Climático” durante junio y julio de 2020.

Las comunidades se están transformando globalmente para abordar las causas y los impactos del cambio climático: ¿Cómo podría contribuir el patrimonio? ¿Cómo sería la práctica del patrimonio como parte de la solución? La próxima sesión explora estas preguntas a través del trabajo de tres colegas en la primera línea de acción climática en Puerto Rico, Tailandia, Fiji, y otros, que demostrarán maneras para impulsar y posibilitar la acción climática desde el patrimonio cultural.

El debate (Sábado 18 julio, 14.00 PARÍS) contará con la participación de la Prof. Dra. Witiya Pittungnapoo, Elia Nakoro y la Dra. Isabel Rivera-Collazo, y forma parte del Programa de Seminarios Web de ICOMOS Internacional.

El seminario será en inglés, con disponibilidad de traducción a otros idiomas durante la sesión de preguntas y respuestas.

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«Culture: An Accelerator Under-Used?», Join the UN HLPF Side Event on 13 July 2020, 12:00 – 13:30 New York Time


As part of the UN High-Level Political Forum taking place virtually on 7-16 July 2020, ICOMOS is pleased to announce their Side Event, «An Accelerator Under-Used? Realising the potential of culture for short-term recovery and long-term sustainable development» on 13 July 2020 from 12:00-13:30 EST.

Organised jointly by the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and ICOMOS, the session will investigate how well culture has been integrated into the UN 2030 Agenda process so far, and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It will draw lessons from this experience, and assess how far we have come since 2015. To find ways to build back better, making the most of the interlinkages highlighted by the 2030 Agenda, there will then be an open discussion. This will explore, holistically, how cultural actors, assets, perspectives and institutions can strengthen policy responses across the board, supported by insights from government agencies, major cultural networks and independent experts.

We are honoured to have among confirmed speakers, H.E. Mr. Ernesto Ottone, Assistant Director General, Culture, UNESCO; H.E. Mr. Jerobeam Shaanika, Deputy Chef de Cabinet, Office of the President of the UN General Assembly; José Alfonso Suárez del Real, Minister for Culture of Mexico City; Dr Daisy Fancourt, UCL, Lead on WHO Europe Report on Culture and Health; and Nikiesha Hamilton from Brooklyn Museum, beside representatives of the Culture 2030 Goal campaign (ARTERIAL Network, Culture Action Europe, International Music Council).

Please see the full list of speakers in the event flyer, and join us at this event on Zoom at https://bit.ly/385c77N.


ICOMOS Webinar Series: «Heritage and Climate Change: Mitigation as Practice», on 20 June and 18 July at 14:00 (GMT+2)

The ICOMOS Emerging Professionals Working Group (EPWG) is excited to host another webinar entitled ‘Heritage and Climate Change: Mitigation as Practice’ on Saturday 20 June, 14.00 (PARIS)

This is the first of two webinars which will feature speakers from the ICOMOS International Climate Change and Heritage Working Group (CCHWG), and will form part of the ongoing ICOMOS International Webinars program.
The first of these sessions will be presented by Peter Cox, President of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Energy Sustainability and Climate Change (ISCES + CC), and Managing Director of Carrig Conservation International. Peter will foreground the intersection of climate change with heritage, by highlighting the effects of extreme weather events, and the integral role of cultural heritage in implementing mitigation measures. For all those interested in further understanding carbon impacts, climate change risk assessment, and links with the United Nations SDGs.

Please register online or watch the livestream on the ICOMOS Facebook Page

Registration Forms are below, and contain the ZOOM Links.

English: https://forms.gle/mdqo2DGCFyAW2fjLA
French: https://forms.gle/GCQSQucDDdzKq5QGA
Spanish: https://forms.gle/QwCCDtSBm3W9y3oJ7
Russian: https://forms.gle/MadTjYVQphSVaJrU8

Simposio Científico AG2020, 1-10 octubre Sidney (Australia)


Los próximos 1-10 de octubre de 2020 se celebrará la 20ª Asamblea General y Simposio Científico de ICOMOS (AG2020)  en Sidney, cuyos temas son ‘Culturas Compartidas, Patrimonio Compartido, Responsabilidad Compartida’.

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18 de abril – Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitios

Cada 18 de abril se celebra el Día Internacional de Monumentos y Sitios 2020, y el Consejo Internacional de Monumentos y Sitios (ICOMOS) propone una temática para las celebraciones y actividades que son organizadas por sus Comités miembros y colaboradores.

El tema de este año Culturas Compartidas, Patrimonio Compartido, Responsabilidad Compartida, es muy importante, como expresión de nuestra unidad global frente a la crisis de salud mundial en curso.

El Día Internacional de Monumentos y Sitios 2020 invita a los participantes a explorar la idea de compartir – de presentar sus contrapartidas, ideas contestación y resistencia – en relación con las culturas, el patrimonio y la responsabilidad.

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