LACONA XIII – Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks. Florence (Italy) September 12-16 2022

LACONA XIII – Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks. Florence (Italy) September 12-16 2022

LACONA XIII – Lasers in Conservation of Artworks.

PTI-PAIS has colaborated with LACONA XIII and will be represented in Florence by various members and associates of our platform.

Here you can download the program

Some of our members presentations:

Session 1: Laser Treatments of Metal Artefacts
Ruth Lahoz – Innovative procedure for assessing laser interaction mechanisms on copper alloys and its validation on archaeological corrosion products

Session 4: Advances in Compositional Photonic Diagnostics
Paula Carmona – Development of new SERS sensors based on the laser irradiation of the major hydration product of Portland cement

Session 5: Advances in Imaging Diagnostics
Mohamed Oujja – In-depth structural and compositional assessments of aged terpenoid varnish layer

Florence (Italy)
September 12-16 2022
Call for abstracts (oral/poster contributions) for Journal of Cultural Heritage – Book of Proceedings.

Deadline for abstract submission April 20, 2022
Notification of review outcome April 29, 2022



Morphological, mechanical, and thermal diagnostics
– 2D/3D/4D modeling
– Interferometry and Holography
– Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Confocal Microscopy, and THz Tomography
– Advanced microscopy (non-linear, phase-contrast, etc)
– Photoacoustic spectroscopy and imaging
– Thermography
Compositional diagnostics
– Laser Induced Plasma/Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIPS/LIBS)
– Raman spectroscopy
– X-Ray Fluorescence and Diffractometry (XRF/XRD)
– UV-Vis and Vis-IR Fluorescence and Fluorescence Lifetime Spectroscopy and Imaging
– THz spectroscopy
– Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging
– Interpretation and mitigation of undesired effects during photonic diagnostics
Deterioration phenomena
– Multianalytical photonic characterization of deterioration phenomena
– Natural and artificial light exposure effects
Conservation-restoration technologies & methods
– Laser ablation processes
– Laser-based photothermal, and photodestruction processes
– Optimization of laser treatments
– Interpretation and mitigation of undesired effects in laser treatments
– Photochemical processes
Integrated approaches and best practices in photonic conservation-restoration
– Paintings
– Stone artefacts
– Metal artefacts
– Organic material artefacts
– Combined photonic, chemical, and mechanical conservation restoration treatments
Novel photonic techniques or processes of interest in diagnostics, conservation-restoration, and monitoring of cultural heritage