«Study of Historical Glass Grisailles by Non-linear Optical Microscopy». Presentation by Marta Castillejo.

«Study of Historical Glass Grisailles by Non-linear Optical Microscopy». Presentation by Marta Castillejo.

Marta Castillejo, Coordinator of the CSIC Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform: Open Heritage: Research & Society, has presented this online talk at the Optics for Arts, Architecture and Archaeology (O3A) 10th Conference, as part of the Annual Conference of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) Optical Metrology Symposium at the World of Photonics Congress in June 2021.

Title: «Study of Historical Glass Grisailles by Non-linear Optical Microscopy».
Authors: M. Oujja, F. Agua, M. Sanz, D. Morales-Martin, M. García-Heras, M. A. Villegas.
Date: 23th June 2021.
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23 June 2021. Live session. Optics for Arts, Architecture, and Archaeology (O3A)

SPIE, the international society for Optics and Photonics is holding his annual conference on optical metrology from 21st to 25th of June.

This Wednesday 23rd of June there is an interesting session on Heritage Science. This live Session on Optics for Arts, Architecture, and Archaeology (O3A)  will be occurring from 9:00  to 12:40 (CEST). The live access is for members of the society.

Access to the conference program, abstracts and authors: https://spie.org/EOM/conferencedetails/optics-for-art-architecture-archaeology 

PTI PAIS will be present at this live session at 11:10 (CEST) with the presentation of the paper by the coordinator of the platform, Marta Castillejo. The title of this paper is «Study of historical glass grisailles by nonlinear optical microscopy» and their authors are Marta Castillejo, Mohamed Oujja, (IQFR-CSIC); Fernando Agua (CSIC); Mikel Sanz (UNED); Daniel Morales-Martin, Manuel García-Heras and María Ángeles Villegas, (CSIC).

You can access to the abstract here: https://spie.org/optical-metrology/presentation/Study-of-historical-glass-grisailles-by-nonlinear-optical-microscopy/11784-38

For the presentation and assistence you must be member of the Optical Metrology society and there is an annual cost you can consult here:  https://spie.org/membership/explore-membership

More information about this annual meeting here: https://spie.org/optical-metrology/event/wednesday-live-stream-presentations-optics-for-arts-architecture-and-archaeology-o3a/2601593?SSO=1


Call for papers: Icon Archaeology Group Emerging Professionals Webinar 2020, deadline 2nd November 2020

The Icon Archaeology Group is planning a Webinar for Emerging Professionals to present projects and research related to archaeological conservation. The focus will be on projects or research that have enabled the expansion of a particular skill or knowledge area.

The topic has been kept purposefully broad, but we want to understand how the project chosen has enhanced your skills as a conservator. Examples could focus on projects which have expanded practical hand skills, research skills, or ethical thinking. This online event is an opportunity for students and early career professionals to increase their confidence through presenting ideas in a friendly setting.

Please send abstracts by 2 November 2020 to archgroup.icon@gmail.com with the subject EP Webinar.

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